Welcome to the on-line appointment system of the Consulate General of Italy in Chicago. In order to proceed you will first need to open a personal account, by filling out the form on the right. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to activate the account. Once it is activated you will then be able to access the software using your username and password. This will enable you to proceed with the booking of the appointment which will be confirmed with an automated email. If for any reason you no longer need the appointment, it would be appreciated if you could cancel it to allow someone else to use that time slot. We strongly suggest that you double check the requirements, in the relevant informative sections and pages of our website, for the consular service you need. ALSO ENSURE YOU BOOK THE APPOINTMENT FOR THE REQUIRED SERVICE AS SEVERAL OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE SYSTEM. Please be advised that the booking of the appointment does not guarantee that the consular service will be provided or finalized on the day, as this will depend upon the supporting documentation and other requirements which apply to the different services which are listed in our website. The Consulate General takes no responsibility for not being able to provide the expected consular services during the appointments, as they should only be booked once all the specific requirements applying to your case are met. In addition, please be also informed that this Consulate General will not be able to provide any priority, urgency or alternative procedures to schedule appointments other than those indicated on this website. We thus recommend that you book the appointment well in advance. We thank you and look forward to assisting you.