Welcome to the "Prenota On-Line”, appointment scheduling service of the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia. This service is operational for the following Departments: . Italian Passports . Italian Citizenship FOR VISAS ONLY - Due to ongoing emergencies and urgent priorities, the automated scheduling system prenotaonline is TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED until further notice. For more details go to visa section. If needed, write directly to visti.filadelfia@esteri.it. All updates will be posted on our website. NOTICE TO USERS: Before accessing the on-line appointment scheduling service for the first time, you will be required to register, providing some basic information, an e-mail address and a password which must consist of at least 8 characters, at least one uppercase letter, at least one lowercase letter and at least one number. The system will automatically send a confirmation of the registration to the user's e-mail, and the user must then activate the new account by using the link received. Citizenship applicants, who have already received a password from the system will not need to register again. PLEASE USE THE PRENOTA ONLINE SERVICE ONLY IF YOU ARE A RESIDENT IN THE JURISDICTION AREA OF THE CONSULATE GENERAL IN PHILADELPHIA. RESIDENTS IN OTHER AREAS WILL NOT BE RECEIVED, EVEN WITH SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT.