1. Click on Book your appointment on the Home page of the website:

2. Select your preferred language (Italiano or English) by clicking on the language option in the top right hand of the online booking system page

If you are registering for the first time (Previously registered users go to point 7)

3. Click on New User Registration.

4. Complete all sections of the registration page.

WARNING: under age children do not need to be registered. Appointments for under age children must be done by a parent.

WARNING: appointments for adults (over 18 years) are strictly on an individual basis. Each registered adult must have their own individual email address.

5. Click on the “Confirm” button.

6. Go to your personal email Inbox to receive confirmation email for your registration. Follow the prompts in the email, confirm your email address by clicking on “Click here”.

Previously registered users

7. Click on Login for registered user.

8. Type in User name, password and verification code.

9. Click on Login.